How to Choose a Electric Drop Bolt?

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Electric Drop Bolt is called Electric Drop Down Bolt,Drop Bolts Lock,Electric Bolt Lock.It is usually installed to control the glass doors/gates.Electric Drop bolt locks can be used with any kind of Electronic Digital On/Off switches, Magnetic stripe Card Reader, Proximity Card Reader and Biological access control system.

Drop bolt is made up of 2 parts-the face plate and body.Additionally there is a Strike plate.

structure of drop bolt
The face plate is usually made of aluminum and body made of stainless steel.

Sensor Type-Generally there are 2 types sensor electric drop bolt in the market. 2 dropbolt sensor types

Working mode-There are 2 types working mode drop bolts, the failsafe and failsecure modes. Failsafe mode drop bolt is widely used nowadays due to when the power cut off the drop bolt latch is unlocking. It ensure the people escape.
The failsecure drop bolt is used only in the high securiy place such as prisons which do not allow access if no valid command,regardless of any reasons.

Delay-Some drop bolts have delay function buy some not. The delay function is helpful to keep the door close properly everytime when people push/pull the door and leave it closing by floor spring.
The delay function provide the drop bolts ability that relock only when the door do not swing anymore.This is very useful to the door that floor spring works not well enough.It avoid the door impact the bolt latch by mistake. The user could adjust the delay time from 3/6/9 seconds as needs.

Cables-there are different quantity cables drop bolt in market.he differ cable quantity drop bolts have different performance. 2-cable drop bolt is a basic level product which provide the basic function. When power On, the current drive the circle to generate electromagnetic effect, which attract the spring sheet to keep locking. It is easy heat for a long term using.And the current fluctuate may easily cause malfunction to drop bolt.
differ cable type drop bolt Multi cables drop bolt provide more features such as door contact, REX, etc. A unique logic circuit keeps the drop-bolt retracted until the door has been closed and is properly aligned to assure engagement of the lock bolt.

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